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Bloodless coup

I took the misoprostol yesterday as directed. I put it in around 8 AM and sat down to wait for my uterus to explode.

And waited.

And pretty much wasted the entire day just waiting to feel something. Finally around 5 PM I started feeling some gentle cramping. Because I thought the festivities were beginning in earnest, I girded my loins with the thickest maxi-pad I could find, dosed myself with Tylenol 3, and stationed myself on the sofa.

And waited.

Now I grudgingly concede that my vagina and what eventually issued forth are not of interest to everyone. Skip the next part unless you really want to know.

At long last the cramping grew stronger. At around 10 PM I began to pass some gelatinous fragments of grayish-looking tissue. There was never a lot of it, and very little bleeding. In fact, there was no red blood; I had only occasional scant dark brown spotting.

I found this disconcerting, as I'd expected to be floundering in a pool of my own blood by now. (First time in my life I actually hoped to see blood.) But I cheered up a bit once I decided I would probably wake up in the middle of the night having soaked through the sheet, lying in a pool of my own gore. I went to sleep with high hopes.

And woke up this morning lying in nothing more than a lighly spotted maxi pad.


The dark spotting has continued, but I still haven't seen a single drop of red blood, and since last night I've passed no more of the grayish matter.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not convinced it's over yet.