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Sunday, bloody Sunday

Every time I go to the bathroom, it's like I'm visiting my own murder scene.

I am shocked to be bleeding this much. I started bleeding after my D&C more than a week ago and haven't stopped since. It wasn't clear where the D&C bleeding stopped (if it ever did) and where the ectopic bleeding started (if it has). There's certainly been a qualitative change in the bleeding, though.

I am totally fascinated by the torrential downpour landing on my maxi-pads. If you're not — and who could blame you? — don't read any further, okay?

See, at first the bleeding was just this thin bright red stream. It looked almost like Kool-Aid, cheerful and watery. When I'd crouch over the toilet, curling over to watch it leak out, it would just flow and flow like urine.

But in the last couple of days I've been producing these awe-inspiring clots. Today I passed one the size of a quarter. The blood has gotten darker, a little more serious-looking, and rather viscous. I'd swear there's mucus in there; when I wipe with toilet paper there are these impressive pink and gooey strings.

I can't wait to see what's next.