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The downward spiral

This morning's hCG level seems to have plummeted from 4,583 to an astonishing 317.

Can this be right?

I'd thought it should take approximately as long to come down as it did to go up. I found an interesting note here, though:

After successful tx of ectopic, serum hCG decreases in two-phase distribution (initial half-life 5-9h; secondary half-life 22-32h)
If this is true, today's number makes a lot more sense than I initially thought.

No major change on the pain front: Still hurts like a motherfucker. I'm experiencing general abdominal cramping, with special bonus throbbing on my lower right side. The nurse assured me this is expected as the pregnancy detaches from the tube. Don't let anyone tell you Tylenol 3 will do the trick, though; hold out for the Percocets. This really hurts. And I assure you I am no piker when it comes to pain tolerance.

I'm also sprinting to the bathroom every half-hour or so, but yielding only these ridiculous little trickles. I unbuckled my belt for that? I'm told that the increased urinary urgency is a result of blood in the peritoneum — I guess that's not supposed to sound as alarming as it does, because the nurse didn't seem concerned.

The bleeding appears to have stopped for the moment. Since this morning I've had only scant spotting, quite a change from yesterday. Overall, I appear to be holding my own, except for the minor matter of abdominal agony, inadequate pain relief, and the complete denial I seem to be luxuriating in.