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Wide, pink, moderately coated

Today I had my first appointment with the acupuncturist. Now, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about acupuncture. I don't doubt there's a lot Western medicine doesn't know, or ignores on purpose; I'm just not convinced the Chinese have it figured out, either. But I also think there has to be something there, and I don't think I have to be a devout disciple for it to help me. In short, I don't have to believe in it if it believes in me. Can't hurt, could help.

The acupuncturist himself inspired a fair amount of confidence. The office was clean and bright, instead of clouded with the herby funk I'd expected, and nothing about him screamed "smelly hippie." We talked for several minutes about my medical history, my answers to the intake questionnaire, and my goals for treatment. (Long-term: healthy pregnancy. Short-term: resisting the impulse to play with the needles when he left the room.)

He made a lot of notes and looked at my tongue ("wide, pink, moderately coated"). Then he gave a very thorough explanation of what I could expect as the needles were inserted. Then I hopped up on the table for the stickin'.

Sure enough, the "fish biting a line" sensation was pronounced when he stuck me (ears, wrists, calves, and ankles, for those of you playing the home game). It was a strange feeling but not especially unpleasant.

Once I was stuck, I was left to lie on the table for half an hour. I felt a very unusual sensation: my limbs felt very heavy and almost useless. I had no interest in moving at all, which is rare for me — I tend to be quite restless. My mind was clear, but my body went into this remarkable state of relaxation.

I plan to go back throughout my cycle. Aside from the possibility that it could help enhance our chances for success, I really enjoyed that state of heavy physical relaxation. At this point, anything that helps me relax is fine by me. Besides, my qi/blood deficiency is in dire need of attention, to say nothing of my appalling and acute kidney/yang deficiency.