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Running the diagnostics

I can't really say whether I'm feeling any different, because I'm paying attention to my body in an entirely new way now. Before Monday, I'd been experiencing the occasional cramp, thinking casually, "Oh. That's normal." Now, I feel my stomach knotting with every twinge, wondering if this is how it'll begin.

My breasts are still quite tender, more so, I think, than earlier in the week. I'm as tired, if not more so, but it's hard to tie that to anything concrete — it could well be my response to stress. Finally, over the last several days I'd been experiencing quite a lot of dampness, but today it seems to have vanished.

All of these things could be normal, or could be ominous. I don't know what, if anything, is changing.

No blood as yet. The embryo could have stopped developing at any time without causing bleeding, of course, but without blood at least I feel there could be a chance.

An infinitesimal one, to be sure.