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Pep talk

Here is the internal monologue I've been working on for the last day. I submit it as proof that if the stakes are high enough, we can rationalize anything.

Hey, you know what? This is okay. Even if I'd had dozens of embryos to work with, we only would have transferred two, anyway.

Many women opt to transfer three, believing that they'll improve their chances of becoming pregnant. But transferring more than two doesn't increase pregnancy rates; it only increases the risk of multiples.

Paul and I discussed this way back in the olden times, before IVF #1, when we thought we might make plenty — oh, how we all did laugh — and agreed that we wanted to avoid the risk of triplets if possible. Our line all along has been "two if they're good, three if they're crappy."

So assuming our two are good (and I know that's a lot to ask from this cranky, cranky universe), the only major concern is the future.

And I can't think about that just yet.