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Day 5: Follipalooza

Didn't write yesterday about my ultrasound and bloodwork. Normally I'd go in on day 6 of stims to be checked. This time it was day 5, probably a mistake, but since I was eager to get a look I wasn't going to argue.

I'm doing well, with five respectable follicles and eight too small to count. On the one hand, I'm excited that my response is so good; it's very much in line with how I respond during an IVF with suppression, perhaps even a little better. On the other hand, I'm worried about that — for an IUI with gonadtropins you don't really like to see more than three or four mature follicles, and it looks like I could have more than that by trigger time. It would be a new experience for me to have a cycle cancelled by too exuberant a response, and a very great disappointment.

The danger of doing an IUI with numerous mature follicles has to do, of course, with the increased likelihood of multiples. But given our crappy fertilization record in the past, I don't feel especially concerned, and I hope I can speak persuasively about that if it becomes necessary.

Time for a jolt of reality, though. I look at the numbers and start to feel excited, but that excitement is almost certainly unwarranted. The success rates for IUI with injectables are low even under the best of circumstances, about 20% per cycle. And when you add Paul's low motility to the mix, and whatever is actually wrong with me, it seems obvious that our chances are greatly reduced.

I'm feeling hopeful even as I know how foolish that is.