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Day 9: I knew it was too easy

This morning's appointment went great. I was the first patient seen, and the two doctors on duty were total sweethearts, patting me and making much of my admirable work thus far. "Excellent stim," said one, squeezing my shoulder. She said she thought we'd likely trigger Tuesday night, with either four or five mature follicles in play. I left with a warm glow and a pleasantly purposeful feel in my pelvic region.

But then, splashing ice cold sulfuric acid all over my lovely glow, she called later with my estradiol level. It's gone from 641 on Friday — respectable and encouraging — to 490 today.

You may not know this if you haven't run the gauntlet of infertility treatment, but your estradiol level (E2) is supposed to increase until ovulation, at which point it'll go down and progesterone will begin to rise. A drop in the E2 level likely means that my uppity ovaries are ovulating, long before they have been given official leave to do so.

I don't know what else it could mean; the doctor said something vague about a couple of follicles possibly having petered out. I was too stunned by the news to ask many questions. I'll be back in the office tomorrow morning for more bloodwork. The progesterone numbers should tell us one way or the other. I am preparing for disappointment once again.