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The buddy system

If you've spent any time at all on infertility message boards, you are well aware of the insidious phenomenon of cycle buddies.

Cycle buddies are a group of women going through fertility procedures at the same time. They compare protocols, egg each other on in the manufacturing of symptoms, and engage in a not-so-subtle one-upmanship when discussing the dozens of eggs they retrieved or their stratospheric hCG levels.

Many of them will get pregnant. You, alas, will not.

Cycle buddies always — but always — have cute and cuddly names. The first part of the name is usually seasonal, temporal, or meteorological in nature. The second is often a friendly, cheerful adjective. The third is a noun of surpassing adorableness.

If you're feeling lonely and abandoned as you contemplate yet another ART cycle, don't despair. You, too, can join a group.

Tertia, this one's for you.