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Freaking, then squeaking

An update on my most recent freakout:

I was concerned about the amount of Lupron that had been prescribed to me — twice as much as I'd been given in the past. For a couple of days I traded phone messages with the nurse; the conversation reached its conclusion yesterday.

She didn't say the dosage had been an oversight, but she did say they'd prescribed the 20 units before we knew I'd be on birth control pills for my lingering cyst, and never adjusted the protocol after that. In short, "The doctor says it won't make much difference, but why don't we drop you down to 10 anyway?"

I'm glad I called. I find it hard to believe that twice the amount of Lupron wouldn't make much difference, considering how much better I always feel when I switch to a half-dose upon starting stims. (Headache: gone. Hot flashes: gone. Blinding urge to disembowel innocent bystanders: reduced. Slightly.)

I'm relieved to have the amount reduced based on past performance, even though "the doctor didn't feel your response has been that bad." When I've only gotten three decent embryos out of three bouts with Lupron, resulting in an ectopic, a miscarriage, and a negative, I am inclined to be vigilant.