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Day 11: Shot in the dark

This afternoon I got the order to trigger...at 2:25 AM Sunday.

Furthermore, I am expected to show up to get retrieval instructions tomorrow morning at 6:45.

Can't a girl get any sleep around here?

After a long night of very little sleep, this morning's scan showed two follicles at 17 mm, one at 15.5, a couple around 14, and a few at 12. Oh, and the cue ball currently lodged in my left ovary, measuring 24 mm. I was told that I might expect five to six mature eggs.

Retrieval's set for Monday afternoon, if we can manage to get through the trigger. (Step one: Set alarm. Step two: Pray that I don't sleep through alarm. Step three: Stumble blindly across room to bathroom to prepare injection. Step four: Break leg tripping on sneakers Paul has left in the middle of the floor.)

Only half an hour ago did I realize I don't have the ideal needle for the injection — instead of the comfort of a whisper-thin sliver, the wallop will be delivered via McDonald's drinking straw. I'd better not have to do too many more IVFs, because at this point I've grown dangerously cavalier.