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Day 9: A few more injections to botch

A very quick update: this cycle hasn't been cancelled, at least not so far.

This morning's scan showed the uniform follicular growth I'd hoped for. My doctor was very matter-of-fact, saying he thinks we'll trigger tomorrow or Saturday. He didn't seem especially concerned about one follicle leading the pack, which reassured me. The less he seems to care, the more relief I feel.

There's still an awful lot that can go wrong, even before retrieval. I haven't heard the resuls from this morning's bloodwork, or the blood draws to follow. I still have a few scans to go. A few more hurdles to clear, a few more panic attacks to endure. I'm not out of the woods yet.

As if we ever really are.

Update: My E2 level is increasing appropriately. We decreased my dosage tonight. Getting closer by the minute.