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The waning pain and stain make Jane insane

After only two nights of medication, I am worried that something might already be going wrong.

Late Monday and during the day on Tuesday, I noticed a fullness in my lower abdomen when I'd use the bathroom. It felt just like it does when I have a ripe and juicy follicle prior to ovulation.

Tuesday night, Paul and I had sex — affectionate, rambunctious sendoff sex. Unfortunately it was also painful sex. My left ovary hurt.

Yesterday the pain wasn't as bad, but I had some pinkish staining.

I'm still having that this morning, though it has diminished and the pain is all but gone.

This morning I'm going in for bloodwork but no ultrasound. I suppose I'd better tell someone, so I'm calling the nurse. If it turns out to be nothing, no problem, all systems go, we can all enjoy a rich chuckle at this additional irrefutable evidence that I've lost my fucking mind.