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I, Habitrail

hamsterJust like Julia, I had a scan yesterday. In case you're not keeping track, she and I share a due date; at the very moment I was enduring some unpleasant medical procedure, she was getting it on with her husband.

That's okay. I had Valium.

The pictures from her scan are much, much better than mine. (The file is large; it may take some time to download.) I assume her doctor has a more advanced ultrasound machine, allowing sharper resolution for a clearer picture. Either that, or my fetus actually is fuzzy and will be born with a snowy pelt of lush white fur.

This would not be entirely surprising, since in this scan the fetus bears a marked resemblance to a hamster.

An active hamster, too — as we watched, it gamboled about in its fluid-filled bubble. Probably rooting around for some fresh cedar chips, worrying at its water bottle, wondering when the hell I'm going to get around to installing an exercise wheel.