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Sing along with Julie and Paul

Five names that I can hardly stand to hear...

Julie: Hey, I thought of a good name for this kid. [Grandiose, sweeping name-in-lights-on-marquee gesture; portentous, booming tone.] Steely Dan. [Expectant look at Paul, quickly melting into a glare.]
Paul: No.
Julie: Charlie Freak?
Paul: No.
Julie: Josie! Peg! Aja! Rose Darling!
Paul: Babylon sisters.
Julie: Okay, okay. How about Doctor Wu?
Paul: Are you crazy? Are you high?
Julie: Wait, wait: Kid Charlemagne.
Paul: They got a name for the winners in the world. And, um, that's not it.
Julie: Call him Deacon Blues!
Paul: [Crooning.] Deacon Bluuuuues...
Julie: Oh, no! William and Mary won't do?
Paul: Congratulations. This is your Haitian divorce.