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Smite makes right

Karen's latest entry about having children "of your own" reminded me that despite the odds — for no one ever really changes their mind about anything — I did make a difference a couple of weeks ago.

At camp we were looking at pictures from a family wedding. My aunt pointed out a couple of the children: "That's K.'s son — he's six. And that's W.'s adopted daughter."

And without even pausing to think, I broke in. "Don't say 'adopted daughter.' Just say 'daughter.' That's how W. thinks of her. That's what she is."

I worried that I might have caused offense, as I often do with my habitual scads-more-liberal-than-thou stance, but I couldn't quite bring myself to care.

Later, my aunt told me, "I'm glad you called me on that. You're right."

I was astonished. I tried to explain why I'd said what I had, but she already understood and agreed.

I think I've found a calling. I will become a tireless avenger. I'm going to start small, and work on the people who still call Native Americans Indians. Then, as I marshal my forces, I'll go after the people who insist on using the term, "partial-birth abortion." And once I'm really mighty, at the height of my awesome powers, I will unleash my hellish fury to deliver a thorough smiting to anyone who dares to utter the phrase, "compassionate conservative."

Who knew I was such a badass?