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Flipping out

Yesterday, to reassure my loved ones about the congenital anomalies scan, I sent out an update:

This is apparently routine for patients with gestational diabetes, and really the only thing scary about this is the name. It's merely a very detailed scan, complete with measures like length of femur, appropriate flapping of heart valves, counting of kidneys, presence of nose, etc. The name is scary, but the procedure isn't, and I am relieved to report that all is well.

We have exactly enough kidneys, some interesting-looking pieces of brain, two legs, two feet, two hands, and one arm. (Okay, we probably have two arms, since we do, in fact, have two hands, but Batman was obstinately keeping his left arm hidden, with only the hand peeping out for counting purposes.) The presence of the nose was confirmed, and it appears to be centrally located for style and convenience.

I also sent a picture.

My aunt called this morning to tell me she'd liked the picture. "Your baby's cute...!" she said.

"Thanks," I said.

"...But his hand looks sort of like a flipper."

As God is my witness, she said that.

I put it to you, gentle readers, and I fully expect you to be as speechless with indignation as I was. You be the judge: does the baby's hand look flipperlike in the least?