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Scattered showers

For your enjoyment, I offer a view of the mountain of packages that awaited us upon arrival.

107 boxes. 25 bags. Paul counted. I cried.

I don't know where to start. I am so grateful, my friends, so touched and humbled by your generosity. Detailed and personal thanks will follow when we break out the box cutter. And that will be soon — Charlie's talons need clipping, and somewhere in that beautiful slew is a pair of teeny nail clippers, I just know it.

Now, on the subject of showers, let's talk about Tertia. Today at exactly 36 weeks, Tertia gave birth to Adam and Kate. If you'd like to celebrate with her, please visit the brand-new blog of the excellent Boulder, who's put together some great ideas on how to join the party.

I personally can't wait to salute one of blogland's favorite heroines icons assholes and her brand-new twins. Congratulations, T.