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My son the doctor

Dr. Batman to the rescue

[...] It is still a rarity when someone adopts Batman as their legal name.

[Norwegian] medical student Anders Mjelle, 22, is studying to become a pediatrician, and prefers Batman to more supernaturally powerful heroes like Spiderman or Superman, newspaper Nordlys reports.

Mjelle, now Anders Batman Mjelle, told the paper that the idea came to him while he was practicing his signature during a prescription class.

"It just wasn't as cool as doctor signatures usually are. So I tried signing with the name to my old hero of heroes, Batman. That was much better," Mjelle told Nordlys.


"I have naturally assessed the risk of being called Dr. Batman if I want to be taken seriously as a physician. But my goal is to become a pediatrician. In this case I believe being called Batman can definitely be something positive," Mjelle said.

(Full story at http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article967931.ece.)