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Sleep, but not too much at all

This is going to be quick, because according to the clock I predict I'll have about five minutes before Charlie's current nap is over. Two sleep-related questions for the baby-enabled among you, if you please:

  1. Charlie sleeps from about 7:30 PM until sometime between midnight and 2 AM. He eats, goes back down easily, then sleeps for another three hours or so before waking again. If I woke him at, say, 10 PM to eat, do you think he would then sleep his five- to six-hour stretch from 10:30 until 4 or so? Or would we he still wake at 2, do you think? I'm scared to try it, terrified I'll end up fucking us out of that lovely long stretch entirely. What do you think? Do I dare disturb the universe? How should I presume? And what about that pair of ragged claws? But this is not about Charlie's tiny untrimmed talons or my own terrifying toenails — I digress.

  2. Charlie naps several times a day for precisely 40 minutes at a time, rather than consolidating his naps into fewer longer ones. This is making me so insane that I am yanking my hair out in great wiry hanks, leaving my bloody scalp attractively mohawked I am finding this somewhat inconvenient. Is there anything I should be doing to encourage him to sleep longer? Can I reasonably expect this to change as he gets older? Or am I irrevocably screwed?

"It depends on the kid, and there's no predicting it" is not a helpful answer to either of these questions, even if true, so only tell me that if you actually want me to tear myself into a raw-scalped patchy-haired mess. And if you know where I can get a nice wig. And a pedicure.