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The list and a quiz

I've just spent two hours — yes, two hours — updating the big list of blogs. If you've requested a link or a change and it's not included, I apologize; there's a lot that gets lost in the shuffle of my inbox these days. To make sure I don't miss future requests, I'm asking that any notes about the list be sent to me with the word LIST — yes, LIST — in the subject line. Those notes will automatically be filtered to a separate folder so that I can easily find them when it's time to update again.

Although I don't find a lot of time to do it, I enjoy updating the list because it leads me to discover blogs I hadn't found before. Not only do I visit the blogs people ask me to list; I visit sites they've linked to themselves, and often add them to my own frequent reading. So thanks for building those blogrolls.

With tonight's update I've added some excellent adoption blogs; blogs by people who are just embarking on IVF; blogs by people I hope never get that far; blogs that hail the glorious high of retrieval drugs; blogs that engage in lie-back-and-think-of-England sex; and blogs that come loaded with their own ready-to-eat placenta — yes, placenta.

It's also worth noting that plenty of you moved from "En route" to "Arrived." It gives me such pleasure to make those changes. I fervently hope we're all there soon.


What's wrong with this picture of Charlie? Bet you can't guess!

Hahahaha, y'all are such dumbasses. I can't believe you haven't spotted it! God, it's so obvious!

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It's 2 PM and the bed's not yet made.