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I hump the leg of the Internets™

It just keeps getting better.

At this point we've raised in excess of $1000 for Rebekah's sister, still on bed rest, currently holding her own. (I can casually drop the phrase, "in excess," because our total for the second campaign was $501.85.)

Not only have I received more e-mail from people wanting to know how they can send baby gear their way — and you can ask Rebekah directly for information on doing so — but I've gotten offers, beautiful, generous offers, to donate other prizes for our drawing.

I'll post the details when they're firmed up. I am so pleased. I know you will be, too.

The following is from Rebekah:

It is staggering to see the amount of love and compassion that people are showing my family from across the globe right now.

For the past 2-2.5 years I have followed most of the blogs on your website. Watching and reading their stories, laughing with them, crying over negative hpts, and cautiously watching rising beta numbers, daring to hope. I've cheered silently from the sidelines rooting all of y'all on, hoping that each one could achieve that elusive dream of building a family through whatever path they chose.

After reading these sites, I cognitively understand the pain associated with fertiles, especially young fertiles like my sister. I know some women out there going through IVF after IVF find it hard to even look at a woman that was able to become pregnant so easily, let alone through chance.

That is why it is so overpowering to witness the coming together of people from all backgrounds who are sending well wishes and donations to my sister. Labels no longer matter, it's not about TTC or Adopting, Fertile vs Infertile, Explained or Unexplained, women, mothers, daughters, people are uniting and looking past the boundaries that have divided them to support an innocent.

It gives me great hope to witness something like this. That there is a universality amoung women, an instinctual reaction to support each other, even strangers, when one is going through hardship. These are women that have been through more heartbreak than I can fathom, and yet they are offering prayers and support for my family.

It is awesome and overwhelming and beautiful all at once.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.