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I really love the Internets™

You know, it shouldn't surprise me, especially considering the staggering generosity you all showed me upon Charlie's birth, but it does: I am surprised, excited, and moved by your outpouring of support for Rebekah, her sister, and soon-to-be-born Emily Lynne.  What kindness.  What beautiful kindness.

Thanks to the good offices of Jenn, Rebekah now has a blog where you can learn her sister's story, follow her progress, and find out how to help if you'd like to.

I would like to help.  Even months after the fact, I get teary and wobble-jawed thinking of how much it meant to me when you all reached out after Charlie's birth.  I wish I could return such a magnificent favor to each and every one of you.  Instead, I'll pass along those good feelings — the humbling knowledge that even virtual strangers can care, and care deeply — in the form of a quilt.

I've started work on a quilt to be given away in a random drawing, with the proceeds to be donated to Emily Lynne.  It won't be gigantic and it won't be elaborate, but for a measly $5.00 — one shot of wheatgrass juice, or 7.5 IUs of Gonal-F, or three-tenths of a First Response home pregnancy test, or a small flask of vodka bearing a poor likeness of Stalin's chiseled profile — you can have the chance to win it.

You can read the details, view some samples of my work, or send me e-mail if you have questions about this project.

I am uneasily aware that there are those who feel left out when the blogging world turns to embrace any one person in particular.  We all deserve each other's love and support, after all, the celebration when things go well, the sadness and sympathy when they don't.  Why should any of us be singled out?

I don't have a good answer for that.  I can only tell you why Rebekah's sister's story speaks to me.  My circumstances were different, but I also knew the panic of an early birth and the disappointment and regret of not having a proper nest for Charlie.  Your astonishing generosity relieved me of that, allowing me to concentrate on bringing him home, settling in, and starting to heal. 

When I learn of a way I can help another family through it like you helped me, I hope I'll always do so.

Update: Egad, that happened fast!  $500 raised, just like that!  You, friends, are amazing.

I didn't realize DropCash wouldn't allow people to contribute after the goal had been reached, so I'm setting up a new campaign in case others would still like to enter.