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In recent developments

Tomorrow Charlie has three doctor's appointments: gastroenterologist, neonatologist, and developmental specialist. Of these three, it's the last that interests me most. He's slated for an evaluation that should tell us where he stands relative to his actual and corrected age.

We were told to bring Charlie's favorite toy to the appointment. Unfortunately, the golden retriever he met a few weeks ago who delighted him beyond all reason had a prior engagement — something having to do with eating sofa cushions, I believe. Instead we will take a carrot.

It's obvious that Charlie's not anywhere near his actual age in any area, but then we don't expect him to be yet. My gut feeling is that he's on par with his adjusted age in most areas, but that he's probably delayed in some way, even for his corrected age, in speech.

I'd be happy to be wrong about this. I'll report back.