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Quilt update

Today I sent a check to Rebekah's sister, along with this note:

I’m enclosing a check for the staggering sum of $1000, the amount I’ve raised in the quilt raffle for Emily Lynne’s benefit.  When we first hit the $500 mark, I was amazed.  When we quickly collected another $500, I was breathless.  And when I got still more e-mail from people wishing they could contribute — well, I don't even know what to say.

I was similarly speechless back in January when I returned home with my son Charlie, who was born prematurely while my husband and I were visiting family at Thanksgiving.  Because we were away from home, Charlie was born in an unfamiliar hospital; because he was so early and so ill, we couldn't move him until he was ready to come home for good.  He was hospitalized for six weeks, while Paul and I set up housekeeping as best we could in a hotel a few minutes away.

The anxiety and shock of it all left me with no time or energy to consider furnishing a nursery or purchase even the barest necessities for his care.  In a magnificent gesture of generosity, my friends inside the computer (including Rebekah) took care of it all: when we drove into the garage, this is what we found.

It was by far the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.  It was comforting to have everything we needed close at hand, but even more comforting to see tangible proof that the world is full of good-hearted people who are eager to help each other in times of personal crisis.

There's simply no way I can adequately thank everyone, but since then I've been trying very hard to reach out to others when I can, on the theory that spreading those feelings of goodwill eventually benefits us all.  When I heard your story from Rebekah, I was moved — your circumstance is different from mine, but since I know what it's like to feel you can't properly prepare for the homecoming of a much loved baby, I wanted to do something.  To my delight and gratitude, so did everyone else.

We all wish you the very best of luck with Emily Lynne's upcoming birth, and in getting on your feet again once you're home with your beautiful daughter.  Many congratulations to you.

Warmest regards,


I mentioned in an earlier post that there will be other prizes in our giveaway.  I'm so pleased to announce that Lynne, a reader in Australia who happens to be an amazing quilter, is contributing another quilt.  I am absolutely stunned by her generosity, almost as impressed as I am by her talent.  Lynne, a thousand thanks.


I've been hard at work on the quilt.  I've finished piecing the main part of the top, with only the borders to add before quilting.  You can get the tiniest of sneak previews with this view into my sewing room wastebasket; you can see a small and blurry shot; or you can go ahead and check out the whole thing.

It's always hard for me to give away quilts I've made.  I fall in love with every single one as I make it.  This one's no exception, but I'm thrilled that it will go to such a good home, for such a good cause.