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Quilt update

A brief update on the quilt for Emily Lynne...

I am happy to report that the piecing and quilting are finished at last.  It took longer than I expected it to, but then everything these days does.  I apologize in case anyone was, you know, waiting by the phone.  I'm pleased that I took my time with it, though, because it's work I'm proud of instead of something I rushed through.

The only remaining step is to attach the binding.  I stitch the binding down by hand, the only part of a quilt I don't do by machine, because I think it's a much nicer finish.  Unfortunately, it's much slower than doing it by machine.  I estimate — ha, uh, yeah — that it will take me about a week of evenings to do it.

When I have the entire quilt finished, I'll post photos and then the results of the drawing.  Look for an announcement, or at the very least another update, around...let's say October 25.