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Cranky say relax

Via MotherTalkers comes this story from Forbes.com suggesting a link between stress and miscarriage:

Pregnant women who are stressed out during the first three weeks after conception are nearly three times as likely to miscarry, a new study finds. [...]  In all, miscarriages occurred in 90 percent of pregnancies [in the research cohort] in which the women had increased cortisol levels and in 33 percent of those with normal cortisol levels. [...]

Still more compelling evidence that all we need to do is relax.

In the wake of the study's findings, Dr. Mary Stephenson, the OB/GYN in charge of the University of Chicago's Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program, has a helpful suggestion that will be of special interest to the infertiles and hab abs among us:

The best advice for women trying to get pregnant is to de-stress your life before you conceive, she said.

Hey, thanks for the help, Dr. Stephenson!