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News you can use while my ovaries snooze

Item: A team of Norwegian researchers has found that IVF may increase the risk of placenta previa.  Smaller studies have suggested a connection in the past; this is the largest such study to date.  From data on more than 845,000 pregnancies, researchers have suggested that undergoing IVF imparts three times the chance of misplacing the bloody thing.

Item: Senate bill 1955 has been defeated.  It failed to get cloture a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to all who contacted your legislators, and a big sloppy wet kiss to Mike Enzi.  Love ya, babe.

Item: The "rhythm method," the only mode of contraception sanctioned by the Catholic church, may kill off more embryos than other methods of contraception.  In the Journal of Medical Ethics, a Professor Luc Bovens of the London School of Economics contends (PDF) that "the rhythm method may well be responsible for massive embryonic death, and the same logic that turned pro-lifers away from morning after pills, IUDs, and pill usage, should also make them nervous about the rhythm method."  Bovens suggests that the rhythm method, which involves having intercourse on the fringes of a woman's fertile period, can lead to the conception of embryos that are less likely to be viable.  A researcher at Cornell finds Bovens' theory intriguing: "It's quite plausible that more abnormal embryos are conceived at the limits of sperm — and especially egg — viability," he says, "and that these are more frequent in women practising rhythm contraception than those having unprotected intercourse at random stages of the menstrual cycle."

Aaaaand item: My E2 after 5 days of stims is...13.  At my baseline a week ago, my E2 was...14.  Looking good, Julie, looking good.  (Now would be an excellent time to break out those "Why, my E2 dropped ten points from baseline and I ended up pregnant with healthy boy/girl twins that cycle!" stories if you've got 'em, but, well, I'd be surprised if you did.)

That's the news and I...am...outta here.

Update: Cycle cancelled!  Bender commencing!