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Give me 45 seconds, I'll give you the world

News from around the reproductive world:

  • A new study reveals that men get postpartum depression, too, in numbers similar to women.  Like mothers suffering from PPD, depressed fathers "engage in less positive interaction with their children, with a particular reduction in the degree of enrichment interactions, including reading, telling stories, and singing songs," researchers concluded.  A depressed new father "tends to work longer, to watch sports more, to drink more and be solitary," explains the chairman of the AAAP committee on the psychosocial aspects of child and family health.  (A depressed new mother just wishes she could.)  Because PPD is conventionally believed to be a female affliction, new fathers who are wrestling with depression don't always get the treatment or support they need.  To assist your partner if you believe he's suffering from PPD, a couples therapist who writes about male depression suggests, "In a gentle or loving way say, 'I think you have been depressed since this baby.'  Let him know that men do get depressed around this time and that even though postpartum depression in women grabs all the headlines, men are close behind. You want him to talk about it and depending on how severe it is, you want him to get help."  But if I were you, I'd stop short of asking him how his episiotomy is healing.
  • Forget sex tourism; fertility tourism is the wave of the future.  Want to choose your child's sex via PGD, a practice currently banned in Canada, England, Germany, France, and Japan?  Go to Thailand.  Go!  Enjoy!  Just think of all the nice people you'll meet, many of them from China and India.
  • A Los Angeles man is suing a sperm bank after discovering, he says, "a hidden surveillance camera on top of the ceiling tile, with the lens of the camera positioned to...capture the activity within the private donor room."  "After completing the donation," charges the complaint, the man "noticed an unusual hole in the ceiling tile."  Further investigation revealed a video setup concealed by the tile.  Upon this discovery, the man became "devastated, humiliated, and distraught" and notified clinic personnel.  When the clinic declined to file a police report on the matter, the man filed one of his own, then brought a suit charging negligence and emotional distress  against Pacific Reproductive Services, which claims to have "the most willing-to-be-known donors."  Yeah, I'll just bet.

In other news, as we usher in day 32 of CakeWatch, we note a rash of other puzzling disappearances.  First-hand eyewitness reports indicate that now not only is the cake all gone, but so are the cheese, the water from the baff...tahb, and Mama's expensive and fragile cellular telephone.  There is some good news, though; an initial report of cawhn butt' ah gahn ended up being a false alarm, as the butter had merely melted onto the corn, becoming difficult to see but still present.