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Spread Zeppelin

This morning as I exited the parking lot I tried very hard to avoid him, but despite my efforts I ended up waiting once again outside the booth of the attendant from Monday.  "Wouldn't you hate to go through life that crabby?" he asked me, gesturing to the woman who'd just driven off. 

I handed him my $10 bill.  "Ohhhh," he crooned, taking it from me and starting to make change.  "You're going to make me do higher math."

"Have to keep you on your toes," I said, as crabbily as I could manage, because, hey, no one outcrabs me without a fight.

"Good luck!"  He paused, then leaned in to speak in a confidential tone: "After last night, especially!"

I gave him a questioning look.  What I intended to ask without words was, Can you step it up with my change there, Captain Sunshine?  But of course he thought I wanted to hear more.  "I had dinner with my ex-wife."

"How'd that go?" I asked, as if his raised eyebrows and sidelong glance hadn't been enough, as if he also had to nudge me in the ribs knowingly and wink himself into a lather for me to get the full picture.

He handed me my change.  "Well enough that she asked me back tonight."

God only knows what he'll tell me on Friday.  Or, come to think of it, what those North Vietnamese did try to do to him.


Doctor, entering with nurse: So I'm told I've been pronouncing your name incorrectly.

Julie: You have.

Doctor: All this time?!

Julie: Well, I have corrected you...

Doctor: I don't listen.

Julie: I think that's probably best.


(This one's for Jul.)

Perhaps I should not confide that as I lay on the table this morning, my knees in different time zones, what kept going through my head was that tenderest, most romantic of odes, Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love."

Could have been worse.  Could have been "Black Dog."  Or — oh, good Christ — "The Lemon Song."


And everything's going okay.  At this point, this cycle is indistinguishable from most of the others.  I have some follicles of reasonable size; my endometrium is thickening; my E2 is behaving as expected; and my girth increases apace.  I started Antagon last night, and I am to increase my gonadotropins tonight by another two amps.

My mood has improved.  My apprehension has lifted.  In fact, I feel good.  Excited and optimistic.  Kind of giddy, if you want the truth.  What can I say?  I have to admit it: I like this part.