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There is some horrible pun to be made here, I just know it

Via the Daily Mail:

Doctors at a London hospital aim to carry out the world's first successful womb transplant within two years.

The breakthrough would offer an alternative to surrogacy or adoption to women who are infertile or have had hysterectomies.

The team from Hammersmith Hospital, along with colleagues in New York and Budapest, aim to transplant a womb from a dead donor.

Richard Smith, a gynaecological cancer surgeon, said: "We have had stunningly good results in the laboratory with good blood supply to the organ. We hope to move into human subjects within the next one to two years.

"The transplant would only be temporary, maybe for two or three years to allow the woman to have children, and then it would be removed to avoid the risks associated with a lifetime of immunosuppressant drugs."

Each transplant is estimated to cost £50,000 and would require the recipient to deliver via Caesarean.