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Thanks to Erika on IVFC and Blue, I was recently made aware of the March of Dimes' petition to get Google to create a doodle for Prematurity Awareness Day.  "Each year half a million babies are born too soon," the March of Dimes' site points out, and "each day millions of pages on Google are seen the world over."

I'm all for awareness.  Heck, I try to be aware of at least seven or eight different things every day.  So of course I signed the petition, and I hope you will, too. 

In fact, because I'm so excellently aware, it got me thinking about infertility — just like everything does these days, from the fact that my jeans still won't zip to my GP asking me, "Have you been under any unusual stress lately?" — and RESOLVE's upcoming National Infertility Awareness Week (October 29-November 4).  Why not a Google doodle for that, too?

I have taken the liberty of sketching out some ideas.











Hey, if all those people telling us to "just relax" get one, why the hell shouldn't we?