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Blog posts I did not write today

  1. All About the Unexplained Calf Pain That Is Almost Certainly Merely a Sore Muscle and Nothing at All to Worry About
  2. Twin A and Twin B: What We Will Call Them In Utero
  3. ...So I Said to Myself, "Hey, Why Not a Home Birth?"
  4. My, But These Shapeless Gray Cargo Pants Are Slimming
  5. I May Be Alluding to My Cervical Mucus Before Thousands of Strangers on the Internet, But I Still Have My Dignity
  6. Wines and Raw-Milk Cheeses I Have Stopped Consuming in Expectation of a Happy Event
  7. The Adorable Things Charlie Said When We Told Him He'd Soon Have a Sibling
  8. Poll: How Many Blastocysts Do You Think I Should Transfer?
  9. Stim Day 13: Exhaustive List of Good Deeds Done, Beautiful Thoughts Harbored, Loving Things Sincerely Said to Others
  10. Man, This OHSS Is Seriously Kicking My Ass