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Crappy/Happy New Year

On the one hand, today our older cat died, euthanized after a weekend in intensive care, miserable and emaciated from acute renal failure.

On the other, tonight Charlie woke up crying.  When I went to him and picked him up, he immediately snuggled in and started chatting happily, forgetting whatever had been bothering him, remarking that there was a pillow on the chair, Babar — "king ovva elephants, shoes with spats!" — in his crib, and, hey, looky there! a humidifier in the corner.  "No talking," I whispered as I patted his back in the dark room.

"No talking," he repeated, then thought for a moment and made a decision.  "Charlie will laugh," he said.  "Ha, ha, ha.

"Charlie is laughing.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha."

I have to believe this all balances out.  I believe we will all be okay.