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Quilt update

From Beth's blog:

I was prepared for the worst when we took Sweetpea home. After the horrible time in Addis, after being rejected every single day, after having her choose to be held and loved by anyone else but me, after the screaming fits on the plane, she is a lovely, funny, affectionate child...

My baby is a sweet loving child who melts me when she reaches out for me to hold her or softly strokes my face as she goes to sleep.

I am overjoyed to report that Beth's daughter Freweyne is home, thanks in large part to the kindness of all of our friends inside the computer.  (Don't look at Beth's pictures of the two sisters together unless you want to weep like a little bitch.)

Featheredgoosefull And, in some embarrassment for its tardiness, I am relieved to report that the quilt proceeds apace.  I have finished piecing the quilt top, and it is ready to be quilted.

It's taken me a lot longer than I expected it to, and for that I am sorry.  The last couple of months have been rough, and I've been falling behind on a lot of things that are important to me.  Thanks for your patience as I finish it up.  And thanks, most of all, for your amazing generosity in helping to build a beautiful family.