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For $5,000, I'd expect one without diarrhea

Two things happened today:

  1. I was informed that in the course of our eagerly anticipated renovation, tomorrow we will lose the use of our washer and dryer, along with all upstairs handwashing facilities, for an indeterminate period; and
  2. Charlie went through six diarrhea-soaked diapers in an hour this evening.

I can't think of a single goddamn way this could possibly end well.


It has been 46 days since I started gonadotropins in December, with no period in sight.  Despite everything the Internet tries to tell me, I am not pregnant.  Despite everything else the Internet tries to tell me, I am finding it unnerving.  I do not like this unsolicited reproductive advice.  I am seriously considering chucking my computer out into the snow, where it can keep the bathroom cabinet company, and replacing it with a nice soothing Magic 8-Ball.


Federal officials are looking into a service that offers ready-made human embryos for $5,000 a pair.  Jennalee Ryan, who runs the Abraham Center of Life, the business under investigation,

...said she allows customers to choose embryos after reviewing the donors' characteristics, including their ethnic and educational background and, in some cases, their photos.

"Who wants an ugly, stupid kid?" she said.

That's the story as reported somewhat sensationally by the Associated Press.  More rigorous examinations appeared in The Washington Post and Slate.

The question is worth asking — not Ryan's, because, duh, who doesn't want an ugly, stupid kid?  No, tell me what you think of this question: What's wrong with buying ready-made embryos?

Thanks to Isa for the link.