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Butter living through science

Eating Ice Cream May Help Women To Conceive, But Low-fat Dairy Foods May Increase Infertility Risk

Science Daily — Drinking whole fat milk and eating ice cream appears to be better for women trying to become pregnant than a diet consisting of low-fat dairy products such as skimmed milk and yoghurt, according to new research published in Europe's leading reproductive medicine journal, Human Reproduction, today (28 February).

While suggesting an intriguing new direction in infertility research, the study in question falls short in one key area: It fails to assess the effects on fertility of taking a whole stick of salted butter, stripping its wax paper wrapper down as though peeling a banana, and eating it, unctuous golden chunk by chunk.

Is there a grant writer in the house?

I won't be posting for the next several days.  First my mother and aunt are arriving to take care of Charlie while Paul and I are away.  Then, while everyone thinks we're off to learn about adoption, he and I will sneak off to our audition for Wife Swap and, depending on mood, perhaps knock over a liquor store or two.  Then it's back home for a few more days with my family, settin' around the butter churn, before things get back to quiet low-fat normal.

Although I'll have a laptop with me, I won't be liveblogging the event: "OMG, you guys, some woman just walked in wearing an airbrushed kitten sweatshirt!  I was sure I was creating that negative stereotype entirely out of whole cloth."  (I knew I shouldn't have restricted my list to just five items.)  So I'll see you all sometime on Tuesday, as long as that loaner baby doesn't cut too much into my posting time.