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The angels wanna wear my white shoes

It's National Nurses Week, and long past time I thanked the ones who've helped me. 


Vampirebat Dear nurse who patiently helped me down the hall when I found it impossible to walk upright during my excellent ectopic adventure,

I am so glad you said, "You don't look like you feel very well," instead of taking one look at my unearthly pallor, scanning my neck for two fang-spaced puncture wounds, and demanding the name of the undead fiend who'd sucked out my very life's-blood so that you could notify the public health department.

I still think about how kind you were.  Thanks for that.


Dear nurse who said, when she noticed on my chart that I'd had three pregnancies but only one live birth, "Ohhhh.  I'm so sorry,"

Right answer.  Thank you.  You wouldn't believe how rarely that happens.  Hmm...or maybe you would.


Dear nurse who held my hand during an in-office no-anesthetic D&C,

It was probably not intentional, the way you leaned your body against my arm as the doctor worked, but at the time it felt like that pressure and warmth were the only things that kept me from floating away.  Not that I wouldn't have preferred a Valium, but I know that wasn't your fault.


Roundup Dear nurse who never, ever, ever made me feel self-conscious about continuing to cycle even as it became  obvious even to me that for all the good those thousands of dollars of Follistim did me, I might as well have been mainlining weed killer,

You're an absolute pro, and exquisitely compassionate besides.  I am grateful.  Even after I started feeling like the punchline to a deeply unfunny joke, I never felt you thought I was one.


Dear nurse who sat quietly with me by Charlie's isolette with your arm around my shoulders that night we thought he might die,

Whoops, can't type.  Eyes blurred.  Teary.  Still, two and a half years later.  I remember you.


Dear nurse who said casually, as you drew my blood, that you'd done fertility treatments, too,

Oh, my God, didn't that suck?

And thanks for telling me.  That was a gift, and I know it makes your patients feel less alone, because it made me — even cranky veteran me — feel that way.

I do earnestly hope you found your way to parenthood.

P.S.  Didn't that suck?!