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And then there were...

...Actually kind of a lot!

13 eggs were retrieved, with 9 mature, 9 fertilized, and 9 still developing nicely as of today.

Given that across our seven attempted IVF cycles — only three of which went to retrieval — we've made  only seven embryos total, I'm thrilled about this.  It feels like enough.  I'd rather have a cycle that yields fewer eggs and is easier on the donor's body than a cycle that gives me dozens but leaves her feeling awful.  You know, "fewer" meaning any number greater than, say...oh, let's just be totally random...8.

(Like how I said that as if we'd had a choice?  This is what's known as trick rodeo Pollyanna action.  I'm a professional, people.  Don't try this at home.  You could injure yourself quite seriously.)

"It only takes one" is something people say to you when you only have one.  It floats near the top of the list of things to say to an infertile if you want to get punched in the fucking nose.  In our case, though, since we plan to have only one transferred, I am comfortable having a smaller number of embryos in play.  For us, it had better take only one.

...And some number greater than zero, I hope, to freeze, because I'm not that much of an optimist.