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Cross words

A member of IVFC posted a link to a feature on her former clinic's Web site — Egad, I'm suddenly aware of how old-fashioned I am.  Am I the only person alive still capitalizing Web?  Internet?  Velocipede?  Probably.  My stars.

Okay, so anyway, the link.  Remember, this is a reputable IVF clinic.  Ready?  Okay.  Here we go.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I was cycling, I know I'd have enjoyed relaxing with a little brain-teaser about the most stressful condition I had ever experienced.  Forget the Saturday Times crossword; this was a challenge I'm sure I'd have relished.  Yes, I know I would have been thrilled to have my medical problems made the subject of a game.

Oh.  Wait.

Trouble is, once you've finished the crossword — once you've exhausted your formidable intellectual reserves trying to figure out 9 down — you'll probably crave more ART-related entertainment.  May I offer you, therefore, your very own IVF fun page to enjoy?

And by the way, the answer to 28 down is IM.  Just in case you were stumped.