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How the weekend generally goes

Scene: In the car, passing a restaurant we used to visit weekly.

Charlie: Why did that restaurant close?
Julie: Because not enough people went there for the owners to keep it open.
Charlie: How many did the owners need?
Julie: I don't know exactly how many.  Probably a lot, though.
Charlie: How many people went there?
Julie: You know, I'm not sure.  There were usually other people there when we went...
Charlie: How many?
Julie: I don't know.
Charlie: But how many?
Julie: Well, I never counted.
Charlie, whining: Howwwww manyyyyyy?
Julie: Two.
Charlie: No, not two!  We went, and there are three of us!
Julie, gritting teeth: Okay, three.
Charlie: But there were usually other people there when we went!
Julie, through teeth ground to powdery stumps: Ten!
Charlie: How do you know?
Julie, garbled, through a mouthful of pulverized enamel: Okay, twenty!
Charlie, distressed: No, there were a lot!
Julie, unintelligble, toothless: Three thousand!
Charlie: But why wasn't three thousand enough?
Paul, reasonably: Because they needed three thousand and one.