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Probably too young to be tried as an adult

Julie, falsetto: Iiiii know a boy who's stuck in Folsom Prison!  Yes, I do!  Yes yes yes I do!  Who is it?  Who could it be?  Let's guess!  Let's guess!  Is iiiiit...you?  [Index finger on the tip of Ben's nose.] Who shot a man in Reno just to watch him die?  Was it youWas it?  [Gasp.]  It was?!

Paul: Huh.

Julie: What?

Paul: You think he looks like he belongs behind bars?

Julie: I do!  [Falsetto, to America's youngest jailbird.]  Iiiii surely do!  You know you had it comin'!  You know you can't be free!  No, you cannot!  Cannot!  [Normal tone.]  You don't?

Paul: No.  I really see him more as a Hamburglar in training.