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You can be active with the activists or sleep in footed sleepers

Hi!  So!  That was awesome, huh?  Glad you liked it, because as it happens, I have a lot more to say about abortion, politics, and the upcoming elec—whoa!  Hey!  Was that a picture of a cute baby?

All right.  Now what was I going to...?  Wasn't there something I...?  Huh.  Well.  That's strange.  I seem to have completely forgotten what I was going to write.

Oh, well.  I'm a little incoherent right now, anyway, given the four overnight wakeups we had last night.  (Ben: 2.  Charlie: 1.  Cat licking my face, like, goddamnit, cat, I know where you put that tongue: 1.)  Paul is off at a class so I'm savoring my first taste of solo parenting.  It hasn't been nearly as grueling as I'd expected it to be.  Why, Charlie's much more skilled at using the stove than most almost-four-year-olds, not that you'd know it to hear the way the people at the emergency room were carrying on, and Ben holds his liquor even better than I do.

Kidding.  Kidding!  Three shots and he was under the table.  Lightweight.

Next real post in a couple of days.