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Gentle reminder

Cheese-cubesUPDATE: We have winners!  Amanda Lynn, Broad Minded, Mhlia, Shrink, loribeth, Suzie Bozarth, Vanessa, Deb, Natalie, Laura S, Gretchen, Duchess, jeni, redzils, Paz, tiffany, Cori, Stacey, Sam, and Emmy, check your e-mail. 

Thanks to the rest of you for entering.  There will be more untrammelled festivities as our virtual book party progresses, so do not despair.  You'll have plenty of other opportunities to disgrace your immoderate selves in front of your literary peers.


Hey, don't forget to comment on this post for a chance to win Mel's new book, Navigating the Land of IfI'll draw winners later today.  Trust me, you want to win this — not only because of the book itself, which I have in my slightly sweaty hands even as we speak, which makes it really hard to type, although that is inducement enough, but because later in this book party, once we've finished all the cheap wine and superannuated cheese cubes and have become...festively indiscreet, there will be other prizes for participation.

Back later to draw a winner.  And then, wow, Seal is generous: nineteen more.