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Bleeding Kansas

I don't care how incongruous it might seem for me — at last and gratefully a mother — to rage at the murder of Dr. George Tiller, one of the few remaining doctors in the U.S. to perform late-term abortions.  It's not, and I'm doing it.

I am also donating to Medical Students for Choice, which works to secure training opportunities for pro-choice future physicians, and to the local arm of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which raises money to provide assistance directly to women in need seeking care.

I echo the NNAF's statement: "[A]ll women should have the right to decide whether and when to become a mother.  Every woman should have the right to shape her own life and the right to care for herself and her family with dignity."  And no one, no one should be harassed, threatened, hurt, or, my God, killed for assisting women in exercising those rights.

I know — believe me, I know — not everyone who reads this feels as I do.  If you are moved to say so in the comments, please do so respectfully, not for my sake but in acknowledgment that whatever you may feel about abortion or those who facilitate it, a man is dead, has been killed in cold blood, in an act of homegrown terrorism.  And if you do feel as I do, please take action.