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Whip smart

I should tell you it didn't bother me, the misspelling on Ben's note.  When I read Amy's comment — "Luckily even dumb people still manage to take decent care of our children!" — I had a frantic moment where I thought, Whoa, I hope it didn't seem like I thought...

And then I got caught up in armchair stirrup-straddling for a few days, thinking of the Savages and my poor devastated friend — thank you for your kind words and advice for her — and I forgot that I'd wanted to tell you that "whips" didn't bother me at all.

Although I'd shudder if a teacher of academics made such an error, and am steeling myself for the inevitable day when Charlie brings home a note describing the punctilious little lecture he gave his English teacher on the difference between plurals and possessives — "Your requested to quash you're son's incipient priggishness soonest," like, ooooh, nice passive voice there, lady — I'm not especially concerned that a teacher of not biting people did.  Precision will be necessary later.  Right now warmth and kindness are more important.

The people at day care are lovely.  The strangers we're paying to raise our children really care about our kids, clerical errors notwithstanding.  They've helped us foster the best in Charlie, and they've helped us identify — oh, let's not say the worst.  Let's not say his flaws.  Let's say the areas in which he could use some improvement if I am to stay out of the fucking crazy house.  I think that's a particularly fine gift, because I have every parental blind spot listed in The Great Big Illustrated Encyclopedia of Super Special Snowflakes, Selfish IVFer Edition, and I appreciate the perspective they offer.  If I have deep knowledge of two particular children, they have broad experience with many, and I'm really glad we can work together on, you know, getting him not to lay snares for his enemies.  At least not obvious ones.  And based on what I've seen so far, I expect the same will be true of Ben.

Who incidentally is walking now!  And grinning and clapping his hands while he does it.


I guess the whips are working.