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Thanks for coming out. Enjoy the buffet.

Huh.  National Infertility Awareness Week is over, and yet I still feel...infertilically aware.  It's almost like I didn't get enough infertility when the buffet was still open.  (Did you know you have to use a clean plate for every trip up?  Fucking fascists.  It's almost like they don't want me to get my personal cootie mouth germs all over their precious pile of peel 'n' eat varicoceles.)

On that note, I want to pass along something great.  Greater than that image, I mean, if you can fathom such a possibility.  If you visit other places in the infertile blogoterrordome — I like that better than -sphere, don't you? It's like an unholy cross between Pauly Shore and Flavor Flav, which pretty much sums me up — you've probably seen this.  If you haven't, you should.  It's a video by Keiko, formerly Miriam, from Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed, and if it doesn't make you cry, then lean on over and let me wipe my nose on your sleeve because, damn, this gets me every time.

What IF? A Portrait of Infertility from Keiko Zoll on Vimeo.

Surely someone you know needs to see that, so wipe your nose and share.

Now for our book winners...

Book-draw-1 Here's to Christine, Brittany, Emily, Amy, and Meg!  Amy and Meg both said that if chosen, they'd rather someone else get their book, so Laurie C. and Liz, our alternates, will receive a book instead.

Thanks so much to everyone who shared a story.  It's not only Keiko's video that has me rabbit-eyed and leaky, but your generosity and courage and, oh, you know, I just like and admire you guys, is what.  Infertility's such a big damn deal and I think it takes guts to not only live it but teach it.  I'm sorry you have to do one, but grateful you do the other, from someone who's still learning with every new story I hear.