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If the prize is a leg lamp, I really hope I win

For now, just one sentence about Tyler Place, where we finish out our week tomorrow.  I don't know what the best part is: that their group leaders take our kids to the pool, on a fishing trip, to bounce on a trampoline, or to work in the garden; or that when they're traveling from place to place — toddlers in wagons, kids holding hands — the groups bellow a song, clearing calling out their identity, so that you can hear them from quite some ways away, and duck in time to avoid being made.


I'm deeply pleased and honored to tell you that my blog, along with four others, has been nominated for the Team RESOLVE Choice Award for Best Blog:

The Best Blog award is given to a blog written by someone who is living with infertility and whose blog posts raise awareness about what life is like when you’re faced with infertility.  This award honors bloggers at all phases of their journey--from those in treatments or adopting to those who have resolved their infertility.  Blogs are a recording of a life, but they also have the ability to teach, reach out to others, and be a receptacle for comfort.

I don't even know how to talk about this without getting teary.  Several months ago I met in person someone I'd known inside the computer for quite some time, a woman who's been a loving presence in the infertiliwebjournopixelsphere for years.  We hugged, and as I tried to make my squeeze communicate even a fraction of my affection and gratitude, she whispered, "You saved my life."

That's not something I take literally or even personally — every single blogger in our community has been a lifeline, no exaggeration, for others, just by writing, listening, being — so I understood it to be a collective truth.  But it's also not something I take lightly, because, my God, I mean, you all saved me.

I've always felt I've gotten so much more from my blog than I could begin to give.  To hear that I've written something that helps someone else, even just by offering a cheap laugh when one is needed — it floors me.  I'm crying about it now, even at what is demonstrably the happiest place on Earth.  (I am still picking pieces of hedge out of my hair after diving for cover as the toddlers wheeled by.)

This blog has never won any of those fancy interNetscapeblogoAOLosphere awards.  And that's okay, that's not why I write here; I fully accept that others have an equally legitimate claim to the title of Hottest Micronesian Funny Political Cooking Gossip Blogger.  But this particular nomination knocks me flat, and I would really like to win this one.  Even if I don't, though, I can't tell you how glad I am, bowled over and thrilled, that my blog might meet any of RESOLVE's criteria — teaching, connecting, comforting — because that's what I've gotten here myself.

Thank you.