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An update as quick as the call was

I saw the principal again at pickup yesterday. From down the block he saw me coming and made that "telephone" hand gesture.  I shrugged extravagantly, palms up, in the universal signal for, "Dude. WHAT."  As I got nearer he nodded ruefully, the very picture of regret.  I widened my eyes all crazy-like, and may have bared a fang.  "I'll call you," he said, as I moved into earshot.  "Please," I said, and passed.

And he called, beginning with a litany of reasons he hadn't called sooner.  I listened, hoping any of those reasons would seem relevant -- pertaining directly to my child -- or urgent -- involving a hungry live tiger on the loose during school hours.  But no; I think he was trying to placate me.

In fact, the entire call was about placating me, but in the briefest, ten-foot-pole-est of ways -- so maybe not about placating me, but in fact about shutting me up, presumably so he could go ward off an outbreak of ebola or quash a rising junta or something.  I hear he is a very busy man.

The takeaway from the conversation is that Charlie is back on the bus; I made it known that Paul and I are not happy with the way the situation was handled; and that velociraptors must have been tearing through the corridor eating children, library books, and test scores left and right, because, damn, did that principal get off the phone fast.

(I kid because I love...being put off for days.)

Deeply unsatisfying, but not the end of this particular conversation.  We have the luxury of a planned conference next week, during which I'll bring this up, maybe even without crying.  Thank you so much for all your suggestions and encouragement.  I'm learning a lot -- some of it depressing, but all of it useful, and every bit gratefully received.


In an abrupt change of subject, because I do occasionally look up from my navel for a minute, if only to say, "Oooh, linty," I want to point out Keiko Zoll's fantastic multipart rant about PETA, which is giving away a free vasectomy...to encourage people to spay or neuter their pets..."in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week."

In case that pissed you off, why not channel your anger into action?  Consider this your yearly reminder about RESOLVE's Advocacy Day, when we formally ask our congressional representatives to -- stay with me, this is crazy -- represent us with meaningful action. Either in Washington or in your home state, you can officially make your voice heard about infertility, and RESOLVE will help.

And in case that pissed you off, here is a toddler paintingsome bread I baked, and a manifesto in the making.