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Four: the arguments against

At high volume, in full cry:

"I didn't want a kiss! I can't just wipe it off! Now there's something unpleasant on my cheek!"

"I was watching the swirl in the bathtub as the water went down the drain and you distracted me and now it's gone forever!"

"When you make up my bed you do it wrong! I want you to make a list of the way my blankets should go so you'll make it up right all the time."

[Gnawing on a Sugar Daddy snagged at Halloween, after my warning that it would be hard and chewy.] "I need some help eating this candy!" [You don't have to finish it if you don't want, but that's not something I can help you with.] "But if someone doesn't help me I'll starve!"

"I wanted to high-five someone and Charlie went away! No, I want to high-five someone else! Someone who's not you! And I can't high-five the cat because he has sharp claws!"